* Kishore Manwar *
WileyMan Entertainment's mission is to help plan, organize business affairs and be a trusted
adviser, to our Musician roster.  We ensure our primary focus for our clients, is to minimize
outside distractions and undo stress, so our clients can perfect their livelihood of making
"great" music, during live performances, for their "fans" across the country and abroad.

As a Business Manager to my clients, transparency, timely communication and attention to
detail, are necessities and critical elements, to the success of our company.  
We are driven to provide our clients, with the best representation in the music industry.

WileyMan Entertainment, has a shared purpose and responsibility, to act in the best interest
of our clients.  One of our main objectives, is to support industry strategies, to combat illegal
piracy of music downloads, copyright infringement, and protect master licensing; while
ensuring royalties and legal compliance with all federal guidelines related to music content
are followed.

Our value proposition is as follows:

Negotiate Contracts
Development & Promotion of Musicians and Bands
Reliable and Responsive to Client needs
Maximize Earning Potential
Manage Technology Advancement and Social Media Platforms
Business Management
*Brian Bromberg
* Business Planning
* Travel Arrangements
* Marketing &  
* Contract Negotiation
* Building Consensus
* Tour Manager
* Over 20 years of
affiliation in broadcasting
* Former Radio Program
& Music Director &
* Former On-Air
Personality for more than
10 years
Festival of Arts, Laguna
Beach, CA
July 30, 2016, 5:30 PM