Brian certainly has evolved into a very respected voice in the music
industry.  From smashing through the barriers of how the bass is
SUPPOSED to be played, cutting edge bass design, to being
recognized as a world-class producer, songwriter, and session
musician. He keeps pushing the envelope to become the best that
he can be and to keep pushing the boundaries. As Brian himself
says, "There are no rules, just dreams".
In addition to Brian’s success as a solo artist, he has developed
quite a reputation as a producer.  All in all, Brian has produced at
least a dozen top #10 hits as well as three #1 songs for several
2016 Release.  Featuring Brian Bromberg on Acoustic bass, Piccolo bass &
Drums.  “This album is just a swinging, in-your-face traditional jazz album with
simple tunes that are easy to sing along with and remember, but have a
foundation in hardcore ‘real’ jazz.”
In The Spirit of Jobim is comprised of five classics made famous by Brazilian
legend Antonio Carlos Jobim—“One Note Samba,”
2012 “Wave,” “Tristeifinado”
(“Triste” and “Desafinado”), “Corcovado” and “The Girl From Ipanema”—and
seven Bromberg compositions emulating Jobim’s style.
2012 Release.  The Hendrix set is notable for the fact there is no guitar on it -
"just" Brian's unique basses and flying fingers, and monster drummer Vinnie
Colaiuta; kind of an "Interstellar Space" diets but in Jimi's incandescent tuneage.
Brian Bromberg's Catalog and
Internet Radio Station
loose and funky throughout the 13 tracks on It Is What It is, including his unique
spin on the B52's dance classic "Love Shack." Brian is joined by another A-List of
2009 musicians including: George Duke, Patrice Rushen, Jeff Lorber, Randy
Brecker, Eric Marienthal, Gerald Albright, Richard Elliot, Rick Braun, Will Kennedy,
Dave Weckl, Alex Acuña, Paul Jackson Jr., Dan Siegel and more!
2012 Release.  Brian Bromberg-the man of a thousand basses- is joined by a host
of top-flight friends on what is arguably his most jazzy set since the Grammy
Compared to That.
2007 Release.  Brian received his first Grammy Nomination with his next project
Downright Upright. Another groundbreaking project for Brian as it topped the
Smooth Jazz and the Traditional Jazz charts at the same time with the same
record. This is a very challenging feat.  The CD features an all star cast including
Rick Braun, Vinnie Colaiuta, George Duke, Boney James, Jeff Lorber, Lee Ritenour,
Ganin Arnold, and Kirk Whalum.
2006 Release.  Brian chose to follow up with a sequel to his award winning
acoustic jazz trio CD, Wood with Wood II. Wood II shows more of Brian’s sense of
humor and adds a breath of fresh air to a Jazz trio project. It features the
incredible talent of Randy Waldman on piano, and the world’s most in demand
drummer Vinnie Colaiuta. Truly the perfect blend of serious traditional jazz and
lighthearted fun that will make you smile.
2005 Release.  Brian’s next release called Metal is his first instrumental rock
fusion recording highlighting his command of the piccolo bass. When you listen
to this record you would swear that it is a screaming rock guitar record, yet there
is not one single guitar on this CD. Brian has yet again demonstrated how he can
push the envelope as an innovator of the bass.
2004 Release.  Choices was written and inspired from real life experience. Brian
looks at this CD as a book of short stories. Each song is a different story with a
common theme of the artists’ voice. He wanted to tell many different kinds of
stories with a collection of music, using vastly different types of songs and styles,
from funky grooves like "Never Give Up", "Bass Face" and "B²," all the way to true
freedom and a tribute to the indigenous people of Africa.
2002 Release.  Brian looked at this as a very daunting task and often says that it
is impossible to fill Jaco’s shoes, and certainly no bass player can out Jaco,
Jaco. Brian truly made this his own project and significantly changed the
arrangements on many of the popular songs while using his acoustic bass as a
major voice on the CD. Jaco never played the acoustic bass yet Brian used his
greatest tool to give tribute to one of the best electric bass players that has ever
lived. This CD holds a very special place in Brian’s heart because on many
occasions he had hung out and even played with Jaco.
2002 Release.
 Brian recorded his first acoustic jazz trio CD Wood featuring the
incredible Randy Waldman on piano and Brian’s brother David Bromberg on
drums. A mixture of jazz standards and modern classics ranging from Cole
Porter to the Beatles. This recording not only sold very well throughout the world,
but it also gained Brian quite a bit of notoriety as an acoustic bass virtuoso as
well as a respected producer.  Wood has been used all over the world to demo
the highest quality audiophile stereo equipment available and has become a
standard in many audiophile retail stores throughout the world.