* What we do?*
WileyMan Entertainment, is committed to overseeing finances, to
maximize earning potential for our clients.  We advise Musicians on
financial decisions, assist with travel arrangements, book recording
studio and venue slots, schedule radio and television interviews,
support music publishing efforts, oversee advertising campaigns,
support charitable organizations and events.  

WileyMan Entertainment, may assist in posting information in social
media outlets.  We collect monies due to our clients from merchandise
sales and appearances, while paying bills associated with live
performances and brand marketing.

Additionally, other duties may include, negotiating with Agents and/or
Representatives, for contracts and appearances, as well as, the
potential of negotiating with union officials, TV Producers, motion
picture studios, concert halls, record companies, merchandising firms,
publishing companies, and more.

WileyMan Entertainment, will responsibly handle, to the best of our
ability, any contractual issues that may arise.  We may act as a
mediator, and may even go as far as, requesting audits of firms, that
our musicians may have a working business relationship.

WileyMan Entertainment,  checks bills and invoices, to ensure they
accurately reflect expenses, and payments made accordingly.  We
ensure a clean record of payment history is kept, based on agreed
upon budgets for the group and individual members.

WileyMan Entertainment, looks forward to the opportunity, to be your
designated business partner and engage in a longstanding business

Please don't hesitate to contact us, at your earliest convenience.

Kishore Manwar, MAOM
Owner/Business Management
520-360-9505 - Mobile
WileyMan Entertainment
Business Management